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Hi all,
Thanks to those who posted. I was able to use this journal toward my final project-just not in the original way I intended. I took nothing from any of the writing, they are still completely your own.

I'm going to leave the Comm up. Since it is a specific sector of writing, I would like the leave a place for people to post it they want.

Thanks again,


Call Me Quixotic

 Hello there, I hope I'm not posting in a dead community, as that would make me somewhat unhappy.
Anyway, I'm Nikk: a pre-everything-but-honesty male transgender.  I'm still in highschool, and I currently live in a fantasy world.  Physically I reside in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Anyway what I have here is a short piece about transgenderism from my eyes.  It's self-centric because it is a) an autobiographical narrative, b) intended for psychologist I'm currently seeing to give her a clearer view.  But I thought it would fit well here, and I've been meaning to introduce myself here for a while.

Call me quixotic, but gender and I have come to a stalemate.Collapse )


That whole "bi" thing-for Queer Narratives

Hi, I'm a bi married girl. I thought this was a lovely idea for a community. This is very short, but it's first person and definitely about issues that seem to come up in my life.


Not sure this belongs here

But the comm does say it's for first person queer narratives, so. I figured I'd give it a whirl. (Oh, got here via ah_gayfiction if that matters to anyone.)

This isn't based on any real life experience, or at least, nothing more than the various pieces of real people that make up the characters and relationships. Anyway, it's the first chapter of this piece I'm working on about a vampire hunter and a vampire that fall in love. Part of it started out of frustration at the mind-numbingly stupid conventions of the vampire romance genre, so this was my attempt to subvert them. I wrote a rather lengthy post on my journal to that end, as a matter of fact.

Anyway, it's called Dead Boyfriend, and I'm curious to know what you all think of it. Good, bad (as long as it's not rude), I don't really mind. I'd just like to get some feedback on it.

Title: Dead Boyfriend
Rating: Chapter One, PG-13. Overall, NC-17
Warnings: swearing, violence, and gay sex (though not in Chapter One)
Summary: Regan St. James is just your typical eighteen-year-old vampire hunter. He enjoys sharp objects and random hook-ups. But one night, in a quiet little mountain college town, he meets a guy named Ira who just might change his life. If he can survive Ira's relatives, of course.

( A vampire. A vampire Hunter. Simple? You've no idea. )


Hi! I'm Erika. I'm 23 and from Tucson, AZ. I'm a straight ally (though I've been having bouts of sexual confusion), and have been into homo-centric fiction (started with slash fanfic) for about 9 years, but have been most actively writing it for 4.

This is a piece I wrote for ah_gayfiction's Androgyny challenge last year.


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Feb. 24th, 2009

Hello all. My name is Vicky, and I'm a 23 year old Masters student studying Early Modern English Literature at Bangor University, UK. I'm married and identify as bi-sexual, with a leaning towards the heterosexual.

I've written homo-centric fiction since I was about fifteen, when my best friend came out and started complaining there was no decent fiction that featured women experiencing what she was experiencing. From there, I discovered fanfiction and slash. There was an article I read a whee while ago talking about why straight women are interested in writing about gay men, which I've since misplaced unfortunately, but it said that women who have been tomboys find gay protagonists interesting because both characters are able to have an equal stake in the adventure without sacrificing sexual tension. I'd say that's about right for me.

So anyway, I have here a favourite short story of mine called My Love is Pure. I hope you enjoy it.

My Love is PureCollapse )

Henry and the Shadow

Hallo! Got linked here from the_slash_pile and thought I'd drop by and share. I have quite a number of fiction pieces in first person, including a novel in progress, but the atmosphere here seems to lean toward personal accounts, so I reckon I'll stick to this one thing.

It's definitely fiction, but with an autobiographical bent. Which is to say, it's informed by my own feelings and experiences, but the characters and events are fictional. (Er... mostly. My spouse of 14 years recognized himself instantly, so I guess I wasn't being real subtle there. :D) Since it weighs in at 8700 words, I'll link it rather than posting the text.

Henry and the Shadow


Oooh. I like the idea of this community. :D
My name's Ayden, from southern California. I'm a pre-pretty much everything transgender androgyne. I tend to like other androgynes, but girls are nice too.

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A Bit More About Posting to Queernarrative

Hi all. I'm thrilled about all the activity so soon!

I've been getting some questions and I thought I'd give a bit more information.

> I'm not studying (ie judging) these posts, or re-posting. I'm merely looking to create a community for posting first person queer narrative.

> All works still belong to the author. So feel free to post and remove as you desire. Also, if you'd rather post a link to your first person narrative to the community, that's great too!

> Slash fanfiction is acceptable to a point. It is it's own narrative, and I'm not sure PWP is what I'm looking for. (but if you want to post a link so others can read, go for it!) All I ask, to post slash fanfic as a queer narrative, is that it have an queer theme beyond the characters being queer; such as fics using the characters to explore other themes such as relationships, adversity, queer political and social issues, etc.

Hope that answers some questions.

Thanks all so much for posting!!

My Side of the Story

My name is Rebekkah. I'm a 19-year-old bisexual female, living in little old Mansfield, Georgia.

When I was 15, my best friend and I fell in love.Collapse )