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A poem and some prose

Hey all! I'm Strella, I'm 15, and I hail from Minnesota, USA.
I'm a bisexual, but sometimes I identify as lesbian--I like to say my straight self is picky.
I also would rather use the word gay than lesbian or queer. *shrug* Just my random little preference.

I have two pieces for you guys--both from when I was with my first girlfriend. They aren't extremely optimistic... but they are both true life. The poem is from my ex's perspective, the prose snippet from mine.


Misunderstandings (prose)Collapse )

MotherCollapse )

86. Seeing Red

So - I'm Nathaniel, or at least would like to be. I am a 15 (sixteen on Wednesday!) year old transexual boy, pre-everything, and i identify as bisexual-leaning-towards-men and polyamorous. I've been writing for years, writing with these particular characters since about a year and half ago.

There's a lot to the story and this particular entry into the 100 themes that i'm doing doesn't explain it much, so i'm going to depart a bit and do that myself -

Some Lovely Backstory...Collapse )



86. Seeing Red
Rating: PG13 for language and violence
Pairing: Quincy/Ezzelin
Era: A little less than a year after their marriage


86. Seeing RedCollapse )


No One But Me.

This time around – you can be anyone.
That’s what the song says and I believe each and every word.
This time is every time, every second, every waking moment of life.
It’s a new time to sleep around, fuck around, mess around –
To gender bend and blend and believe in the power of autonomy.
Become whole. Answer to no one but me.

I’m queer – what an odd state of being. It’s curious, unexpected … remarkable.
That’s what the thesaurus says and I believe every word.
What’s the harm in being remarkable, anyway? And I am curious.
Curious to be anyone this time around. To change and flow and evolve.
To be as free as I please and challenge your expectations.

So I do. I challenge and push. I ask.
I ask questions. And answer to no one but me. Because it’s my identity, not yours.
I push societies buttons and pull to tear myself loose.
A new variation every day because I believe that this time around – I can be anyone.

I'll dive in and make the first post

I'd like to introduce myself and post a piece!
I'm Ashley, and I'm 19. I identify as pansexual and polyamorous. I live in Monroe, CT, USA!
Here is a piece of Fiction I wrote for a class that I'd like to share. It's a short story, and I like it.

So here it is!

Helpful guide to posting

Just a few hints to keep the comm organised.
Tag your little heart out. I don't have any real rules for taging, just put in a few keywords so everyone knows what your narrative is about.

Also, remember FIRST PERSON narration is critical. While I enjoy all points of views in writing, for the purposes of this comm only first person narratives are wanted.

Thanks all,
queerwrites (Mod)


Intro Post

This Com is a experiment and a project. I have set up this Com in an attempt to create a place for first person narrations of a queer theme. I'm looking for truth, fiction, poetry and prose, even art or videos if you can make it in the first person. I'll take any first person creation from anyone on any queer subject. Talk about what it is like for you personally, showcase your fiction, or write commentaries on queer issues or themes. I don't care how you identify, but if you want to share, feel free, and if you don't, don't.

I want this to be a safe, positive place - which doesn't mean the narration needs to be all puppies and butterflies - which means negative attitudes, flames and otherwise intolerant posts will be reported and deleted.